Football Manager 2011

Developer: Sports Interactive
International Publisher: SEGA
Russian Publisher: 1C-СофтКлаб
Official Website: English
Russian Website: Русский
Genres: Sport, Football, Management
Platforms: PC, Mac, PSP
Release Date: 05.11.2010
PEGI Rating: 3+
System Requirements: P3-1.4, 512 MB RAM, 128 MB 3D Card
Our Score:

Football Manager 2011 demo-version

Sports Interactive introduced a public trial version of its new football manager – Football Manager 2011. “Probe” is available in English and two are already traditional for a series of complete sets: “Vanilla” and “Strawberry”. In both only available mode “Quick Start” to lose no time, start managing your favorite team. It is noteworthy that the game is not restricted, although the quarry manager will not last more than 6 months of gaming. However, after purchasing the full version you can continue where left off.

In “vanilla” version presents football leagues in England and Scotland, as in strawberry to them even added some grandees of European and Latin American football: Spain, Italy, Portugal, France, Norway, Denmark, Sweden, as well as Argentina, Brazil and Chile.

Recall that the efforts of “1C-SoftClub” this year, the newest member of the famous line of football management, Football Manager 2011, first released in our country. In the Russian edition of the game will be presented with the translated text and accompanied by Russian subtitled dialogue.

Download the demo from the official game site at this link.

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22.10.2010 | Files | GameScope

Football Manager 2011

New episode of Britain’s Football Manager series offers enhanced graphics engine and an update on the summer 2010 base of football statistics. In addition, the remarkable innovations can provide a dynamic reputation in the league depending on the success of its teams, as well as extra space for work with individual players.

Key Features:

√ Talk contract – the first time in Football Manager 2011 can use a new system of contract discussions in real time and completely new clauses. To successfully sign important contracts, you have to learn to deal with different agents.

√ Revised training system – now it has more basic patterns and opportunities for individual training, during which a player can develop one of 14 of their skills. In addition, the game introduces a new section of the preparation for the match – there on the eve of the particular match can concentrate on certain areas and work out the specific tactical assignments.

√ Improved communication – new opportunities for interaction with staff teams and players: now with the players you can talk face to face – as it has never been possible in the games!

√ Newsletter - now it is expanded to give players the opportunity to read news and e-mail more quickly. Dozens of new news and a brand new module, written to give more realism to the news.

√ Match – 3D view match was significantly improved by the addition of more than 100 new motions, including the celebration of the new goal scored and the emotions of players. When viewing a vastly improved graphics and lighting – new models of players, new stadiums, the matches at night and much more. And do not forget that we have improved a display of the match, which already was the best on the market.

√ Dynamic reputation League
– a new feature that increases the rating of the league, if acting in her team reinforced good players and perform successfully in the international arena. This league will be more attractive to players, which accurately reflects the real nature of a constantly changing world of football.





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Sports Interactive introduced a public trial version of its new football manager. "Probe" Football Manager 2011 is available in English and in two trim levels: "Vanilla" and "Strawberry". More »
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