Mission: Impossible - Ghost Protocol (2011)
Official trailer in HD quality for the movie entitled Mission: Impossible - Ghost Protocol. This spy action thriller was released in December, 2011 telling about a team of experienced agents once again trying to save the whole world. The IMF team is still led by Ethan Hunt portrayed by Tom Cruise. More »
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Defenders of Ardania
Here is a Quiz Contest for all the Ardania fans out there. Five game copies are waiting for the winners able to challenge our questions. Show us your knowledge of the universe and its upcoming Defenders of Ardania title published by Paradox Interactive, and we will reward you with a prize! More »
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Defenders of Ardania
Defenders of Ardania game looks like an interesting species in the whole range of the Tower Defense titles. The RTS-elements are wisely integrated into the core of the concept, and the AI can be very challenging, if you don't use all the given advantages properly. Read more in our Hands-On Preview! More »
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Matthew Powers (SEGA)
The visceral action at the show of the «Best FPS» game of that Expo finished with a notable crescendo of applause. It did feel like the famous Aliens (1986) movie was getting a video game sequel. We asked Matt Powers from Sega of America everything about proper teamwork for a Marine's unit. More »
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Doug McConkey (Electronic Arts)
From this our Feature article with Doug McConkey, who works as a Marketing Manager for the famous NFS brand at EA you will find out more about the in-game tracks, cars and the challenges of the upcoming Need for Speed: The Run powered by the spectacular Frostbite 2.0 engine made by DICE. More »
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Jason Olander (Snowblind Studios)
The story of this Action RPG game entitled as The Lord of the Rings: War in the North will take players to the Middle-earth. In the following exclusive interview with Jason Olander working as the Senior Game Designer at Snowblind Studios you will find more intriguing details. More »
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Lars Gustavsson (EA DICE)
For our special Interview featuring Battlefield 3 we caught up with the Creative Director at DICE to bring you more information about the game's development and its priorities. Certainly, as well we couldn't miss the opportunity to speak about Multiplayer and Frostbite 2.0 with Lars Gustavsson. More »
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Jamie Walker (Rocksteady)
The sequel's creation, its heroes, villains, new gameplay options of Batman: Arkham City were a key focus for our discussion with the Director of Rocksteady Studios. Jamie Walker himself pleasantly surprised us with his creative inspirations, while often naming the Riddler in good Russian. More »
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Game Insight announced its new strategy in HTML5 development. This social as well mobile games company is growing fast, while considering HTML5 technology to be the future of iOS and Android development. The company is looking for new candidates to join their studio based in Moscow. More »
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Aaron Cohen (Electronic Arts)
Pirates and Nobles have decided to settle right in your realm in The Sims Medieval: Pirates & Nobles first adventure pack. We have discussed the new features introduced in this expansion and its development with Aaron Cohen, who has produced the game for Electronic Arts. More »
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