In a number of stores in Russia and Ukraine will start selling early Russian PC-version of the game Fallout: New Vegas. Fans can purchase regular or Collector's edition of the game, but the first buyers will be rewarded with souvenirs. More »
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The official game trailer shows snippets of gameplay, allowing to fully appreciate the fighting qualities of a futuristic outfit of the hero, Gideon Sam, and the dynamics of battle. More »
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«1C-SoftClub» said the dispatch of print games Sid Meier's Civilization V. The game will go on sale October 22, and will be available to standard and deluxe edition that includes a few nice and special bonuses. More »
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Civilization series noted in 2010, the year his 19 th birthday. On the occasion of the celebration, all the fans line got her a new episode - Сivilization V. New city government and the diplomatic screen, hexagonal principles of war and tactical maneuvers? Consider all this and more in detail in our... More »
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Наступление и Война
The demo version of the game Сivilization V available for download on Steam service at the link ссылке. You will be able to hold a party for a period of 100 strokes, choosing one of 3 open civilizations (the full version of the game to 18). More »
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Весьма реалистичный ландшафт
View a map of the world in the game Сivilization V. Previously make a backup copy of the file "config.ini", located in one of the directory with the game files (see folder 'Documents \ My Games \ Sid Meier's Civilization 5'). More »
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The video clip shows gameplay footage from the game Homefront. In the video demonstrates the use of various weapons (assault and sniper rifles, machine guns, etc.), as well as military equipment. More »
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Доступны различные виды техники
Trailer for the game Homefront, explaining the plot of eyeballs game. In the clip shown increasing power of the Korean regime and the formation of the prerequisites for the weakening U.S. economy. More »
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Взрывной характер войны
New plot shooter for PC and consoles will tell about the events invasion of Korean troops in the U.S. in 2027 where you can not only manage the various techniques, but use the drones for reconnaissance, as well as a futuristic arsenal. Reliase Homefront in the spring of 2011. More »
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FIFA 11 Ultimate Team
EA Sports is ready to secure international success FIFA 11. Developers will release an additional mode, Ultimate Team, in November 2010 content will be available for free on Xbox 360 and PS3. More »
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