Safe (2012)
The Official HD-trailer for the new American Crime Thriller film titled Safe (2012). Here the former New York cop decides to protect a 12-year-old Chinese girl hunted by the Russian mafia, the asian Triads and corrupt police officers all trying to bring her down for the code she knows. More »
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The Battleship Review is already here to let you know all the worth noting things about the newest Sci-Fi blockbuster directed by Peter Berg. Bringing together an international cast and trying some fresh ideas with the Alien invasion, this film delivers a memorable and satisfying experience. More »
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Battleship (2012)
The Official HD-trailer for the new American Sci-Fi Action Epic movie entitled as Battleship (2012). This film makes a group of the U.S. and Japanese Navy sailors fend off the attack by the Alien invaders landed in the Pacific Ocean. By all means they have to use all the skills to stop the enemy. More »
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American Reunion
The American Reunion Review in this article will tell you about the leading Comedy attraction for the Spring of 2012. This story features the intriguing sequel released 13 years since the original story, while still featuring all the same cast brought together by the Producers of the movie. More »
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American Reunion (2012)
The Official HD-trailer for the new American R-rated Comedy named American Reunion (2012). In this film based on the original Adam Herz characters, all the Class of '99 from the first movie is brought together to the Bachelors' Party with all the familiar faces attending to make you laugh more. More »
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Mirror Mirror
15th March, 2012 marks the day of the World Premiere of the film Mirror Mirror, Review of which is already here. We have just seen it, laughed a lot, and are now ready to share all our impressions telling you about this new Tarsem Singh movie project for Hollywood. Read on for the details! More »
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Mirror Mirror (2012)
The Official HD-trailer for the new Fantasy motion picture entitled as Mirror Mirror (2012). In this film based on the Brothers Grimm story the Snow White fights the Evil Queen. Its Director is Tarsem Singh, while Julia Roberts, Lily Collins, Armie Hammer and Sean Bean are starring. More »
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Crusader Kings II
In the past few weeks we held a Giveaway granting its participants with 10 free Steam copies of the Crusader Kings II new strategy game. Everyone could grab the chance internationally, though the players from the U.S. were the most active ones this time. Here are the names of all the winners! More »
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International Women's Day
GameScope congratulates you on the International Women's Day taking place today! During this 8th March holiday, which might sound new in some countries, we wish all the girls and women to make new discoveries, find pleasing events and enjoy the support of all the men! More »
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The Stars
This week in our Twitter we have been running LIVE broadcasts of various events featuring different celebrities. Full lists of quotes have already been compiled for you, so tune in, Follow Us and stay updated about the following Film Industry events taking place in Moscow this week. More »
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