Dr. Seuss' The Lorax
The new animated feature film Dr. Seuss' The Lorax, review of which is already here, will tell you about the latest adaptation of a famous Dr. Seuss' novel. Here one orange forest keeped will try to share his wisdom, while young heroes will struggle for returning nature to its previous state. More »
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Dr. Seuss' The Lorax (2012)
The Official HD-trailer for the new animated feature film - Dr. Seuss The Lorax (2012). A tale based on the novel by Dr. Seuss speaks about preserving nature or at least bringing it back to life by young heroes. The main roles were voiced over by Danny DeVito, Zac Efron and Taylor Swift. More »
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John Carter
One of the major film premieres in Russia this season will be held on 5th March of 2012, when some celebrities will arrive to present John Carter, review of which is already waiting for you inside. The story will tell you, how John Carter gets transplanted to warring Mars. More »
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John Carter (2012)
The Official HD-trailer for the new Sci-Fi motion picture - John Carter (2012). In this film based on the Edgar Rice Burroughs' classic novel a man from Earth gets transported to Mars, where he joins a War between two tribes saving a beatiful Princess and helping to restore peace on Barsoom. More »
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Starting from the 24th February of 2012, one girl will go looking for a serial killer. That is about a new movie named Gone, review of which will tell you more about this thriller soon coming out to theaters worldwide and starring Amanda Seyfried without spoiling any fun of the plot's twists. More »
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Gone (2012)
The Official HD-trailer for the new thriller entitled Gone (2012). This movie has one young girl looking for a serial killer, while no one else around believes in his existence. However, her time is limited, since the sister Molly is missing and might become another victim of the cruel villain. More »
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Crusader Kings II
Crusader Kings II shows itself as a very authentic Medieval political simulation game. In its Review we will tell you about the most notable changes that were brought by the sequel letting you embark on a exciting adventure through the wars and tricky plots of The Middle Ages once again. More »
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Crusader Kings II
Marking the release of the newest Crusader Kings II sequel, here we have started a contest, where you could win one of the five Steam keys to activate the full Retail version of this game on Steam. You needed just a few mouse clicks to enter the Contest and try winning the prize. More »
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Daniel Radcliffe (The Woman in Black)
Actor Daniel Radcliffe and director James Watkins continue their tour through the Russian capital. This time they held a Press Conference during the Promo Events for The Woman in Black. We have run a Live Twitter Broadcast for our readers in the early morning. Read further to the details. More »
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Jan Haugland (Turbo Tape Games)
Jan Haugland working as the Lead Designer in Turbo Tape Games in this Interview shares his vision for the upcoming RTS title based around Modern Warfare and named Naval War: Arctic Circle, where a player has to manage Navy and Aerial forces fighting for control over the Polar Regions. More »
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