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Movie Premieres

Moscow is becoming greater importance to world cinema. Celebrities from around the world regularly come to the capital to present their new works to the public and critics. Actors, directors and producers are talking with reporters, participate in photo shoots and premieres for secular Russian audience. In this album, we combine our own Photo reports about these events.

LG Electronics

LG Electronics will regularly report to the market and innovative solutions to customers in consumer electronics, mobile devices and modern technology. TVs, monitors, and more phones, smart phones, home theaters and many other products of the corporation become heroes of exhibitions, presentations and festivals.

Electronic Arts

Pictures from the presentations publisher Electronic Arts. For example, the EA Showcase at the press an opportunity to personally assess the upcoming new porftolio company, visit the events and chat with the developers and producers in an informal setting.

Sony Computer Entertainment

Photo reports from events Sony Computer Entertainment, which organizes the presentation of their gaming products and platforms, as well as press conferences, where you can learn everything you need on the latest results of the company and its plans for the near future.

Photo reports from the events of the Russian publisher "1C-SoftClub". The company regularly holds press conferences and presentations to the press, as well as actions, contests, tournaments and gala premiere of video games for gamers.

Game Shows

Each year in the gaming industry is remembered different exposures of some companies that bring their projects to the various presentations in the E3, Game Developers Conference, GamesCom, Tokyo Game Show, Comic-Con, "GDC" and "IgroMir".

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