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King Arthur II: The Role-playing Wargame
The Demo build featuing the new King Arthur II strategy title was released for all, who are ready to travel to the mystical Britannia once again to see, how everything has changed there in its recent years. It is completely free to try and play, and here we are telling you, where to get it! More »
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Sports Interactive introduced a public trial version of its new football manager. "Probe" Football Manager 2011 is available in English and in two trim levels: "Vanilla" and "Strawberry". More »
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Наступление и Война
The demo version of the game Сivilization V available for download on Steam service at the link ссылке. You will be able to hold a party for a period of 100 strokes, choosing one of 3 open civilizations (the full version of the game to 18). More »
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