Cities in Motion: US Cities

Developer: Colossal Order
International Publisher: Paradox Interactive
Official Website: English
Genres: Add-on / Business / Simulation / Strategy
Platforms: PC
Release Date: 17.01.2012
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Cities in Motion reaches the US Cities

Game News

Cities in Motion: US Cities expansion will be released shortly letting you see the US in its glory.

Swedish publisher Paradox Interactive together with the Finnish studio Colossal Order are returning to the public transportation managment. In a form of a new video game, of course. This time the players will get the chance to travel overseas in an Add-on for the last year’s Strategy game entitled Cities in Motion (2011). This expansion for this Business Simulation project is on its way to the western digital stores.

On the 17th January, 2012 the fans of the original game will leave their lovely European transport hubs to visit new American ones. The developers promised a good replication of a local architecture seen in the expansion pack, Cities in Motion: US Cities (2012). You will be able to develop your routes in two huge metropolis areas: busy New York City and memorable San Francisco.

It seems that the authors considered the appearance of virtual cities to be significant for this Add-on. Besides the architectural samples, you will be able to see some famous local US attracions. Recognizable monuments and the contrast between the opposite American shores will not hide all the challenges you will face, when heading the City Transport department. All your knowledge will be required to build a convenient and effecty public transportation system to be used by always rushing citizens.

Cities in Motion: US Cities will feature 5 new vehicles as well as two brand new Transportation means, including Trolley bus lines and cable cars. Be it the well-known Big Apple or a San Francisco area it won’t be easy. While one Russian tycoon and all country’s automotive industry just plan to make an E-mobile electric car, there are many of such already roaming the western cities’ streets, but now here you will get the chance to revive the old classics and manage the routes of the famous Cable Cars.

Not only money, but also the ecological conditions are important to the US passengers, and you will have to consider that, when trying to make your millions of virtual dollars. Designing these routes won’t be easy, since New York is known for its hectic lifestyle, where humans travel a lot even during nights from one neighborhood to another. Your new Trolley Buses will be able to cater their needs. Don’t forget about the new Scenarios and a Campaign that will make your play more Goal-oriented.

Cities in Motion: US Cities travels overseas

Cities in Motion: US Cities

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06.01.2012 | News | GameScope News

Cities in Motion: US Cities

Game News

Cities in Motion: US Cities:

An expansion for the city-based mass transportation PC-simulation game named Cities in Motion (2004). The Add-on expands the scale of the title moving on across the ocean and granting unique additions to all the fans of this Strategy letting you build a convenient and effective public transport system with a lot of possible choices and challenges any City Transport Department has to handle everyday.

Cities in Motion: US Cities (2012) brings you two cities on a new continent with additional challenges in both Sandbox and Campaign modes. New vehicle types and large populations set in beautiful metropolises will keep your creativity flowing! Try the Trolley Buses in New York or build a Сable Сar network in sunny San Francisco, but remember to keep your passengers happy!

Key Game Features:

  • Experience the feel of the big American cities;
  • Boost your fleet with 5 new US Cities vehicles;
  • See new American-style buildings and landmarks;
  • Try out two new transportation types: Trolley Buses and Cable Cars;
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Cities in Motion: US Cities
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