IgroMir 2010: In pursuit of Geymdollars

«IgroMir 2010» will offer visitors plenty of entertainment. Before the opening of the exhibition are just a few days, but there’s still time, so that each had to choose for themselves the most interesting things that I want to see and get to try out.

So, company «1C-SoftClub» will not only show in the exhibition games the past and future hits, both Russian and foreign production, but also produced an extensive entertainment program for the visitors’ Igromir 2010.

Having a special game route, you will see the most vivid exhibition projects, but also to earn a large sum geymdollarov. In addition, everyone will be able to participate in daily tournaments and a variety of quizzes and competitions.

4, 5 and 6 November at 12:00 at the stands of Guitar Hero: Warriors of Rock, Marvel vs Capcom 3 and Pro Evolution Soccer 2011 tournament starts on these games. Participate in them will all the guests and the winners will receive valuable gifts from the 1C-SoftClub. Also, each day on the stages C1 and B4 in the breaks between presentations will be quizzes and competitions, prizes, which will be as various souvenirs and geymdollary. Schedule of events published in a special section on the website «1C-SoftClub», so you can pre-select the most tempting for you to play the presentation of projects and actions.

In addition, each booth will hold its entertainment program. For example, in the zone Fallout: New Vegas can try your luck in the post-apocalyptic casino playing geymdollary, and in the PlayStation to try due to motion controller PlayStation Move.

On the stand «Driver San Francisco» all visitors will a real race: every hour there will be held miniature race cars. Winners will receive a free exclusive t-shirts with symbols of the game, and other participants will hand over the prize discount coupons. In addition, in this area several times a day will be held rallies radio-controlled cars.

At the end of each exhibition day c 4 to 6 November on the stage B4, starting at 17.00, held auctions, which can be implemented geymdollary accumulated in exchange for various prizes.

Sought by hunters for the prize to “IgroMir 2010»

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02.11.2010 | News | GameScope News
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