Approaching IgroMir 2010

One of the most important events in the gaming industry is a game show – “IgroMir”. Not for the first year, the organizers provide all interested persons the opportunity to try out the latest gaming news or upcoming hits, to personally see eminent Russian and foreign developers, as well as visit the booths of famous domestic and foreign companies, is an integral part of the international gaming industry.

«IgroMir» – is not only games but also emotions. It offers shows, competitions original, unforgettable images in memory, as well as the Sea of prizes and gifts from various companies. To «IgroMir 2010» will present new multi-platform hits the world’s largest publishers, and most expected the Russian game. Visitors will be able to see exclusive videos, visit the presentations and see the latest version of the main projects of current and future seasons.

«IgroMir 2010» takes place this year from 3 to 6 November and 3 November – the exhibition is only open to industry experts, journalists and VIP-guests, whereas with 4 to 6 November, it will be able to visit anyone. This year, thanks to the transfer of public holidays, everyone will be even more chances to all major sights of the exhibition, because on November 4-7 in Russia – is the official weekend!

Hours «IgroMir 2010»: from 10.00 to 18.00. The exhibition will be held in the spacious 57-meter pavilion, VVC, and its two floors, visitors of all ages will find a wide variety of gaming platforms and the latest games from leading manufacturers from Russia and from abroad – as has already been released and still under development.

See you at “IgroMir 2010!

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27.10.2010 | News | GameScope News
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