The Next Big Thing website launched

The official game site The Next Big Thing. Russian version of this quest from the Spanish developer of Pendulo Studios will be in stores in Spring 2011 under the name «New hit». On the pages of the new resource, visitors will find a lot of information related to the game: a description of the features of the project, a compilation of screenshots, videos and even feature on the key actors.

As it turns out, the protagonists are two games journalist, Liz and Dan, from a local publication – The Quill. Liz does not give rest to the personal ambitions, but fate gives her a chance to advance in your career, unless she can uncover the unusual behavior of actors, monsters, observed recently. In turn, Dan likes to drink and hates his companion, but he will have to reconsider their views on life, when Liz goes missing after their first major collaboration.

The authors propose to fans of adventure genre to get acquainted with the eccentric and colorful characters from the game The Next Big Thing, and it can be done now at the official site of the project. Soon, plans to open the Russian version of the official website of the game.

Dan will be an investigation into The Next Big Thing

The Next Big Thing

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02.02.2011 | News | GameScope News

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The Next Big Thing
The project The Next Big Thing appeared a website on the Internet. On it you can learn more about this game, its plot and characters, as well as see the screenshots and video. We visited a resource person to now tell you more about the heroes of a new quest. More »
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