Zenimax acquired Tango GameWorks

The company ZeniMax Media, owner of publisher Bethesda Softworks (Oblivion, Fallout 3), studio id Software (brands Rage, Quake, Doom) and Arkane Studios, developers of wards expanded staff team Tango Gameworks. The latter is known for its founder, Shinji Mikami, to create a game series – Resident Evil, and the cycle of successful and popular projects.

The acquisition ZeniMax intended not only to strengthen the creative position of the holding, but also to gain a foothold in the Asian market. Tango Gameworks has managed to achieve fame and become an attractive place to work for the experienced and talented game designers who participated in the creation of such major series as: Devil May Cry, Final Fantasy and Resident Evil.

Shinji Mikami himself was very pleased with the deal and vowed to extract maximum benefit from the relationship with the new owner. Likely investment opportunities ZeniMax very interested in Asian studio.

ZeniMax promised to keep Mr. Mikami to its former position of the first person in the Tango, which allows him to lead the development of any new game studio. This is not surprising: for example, recently Vanquish (2010), to which Shinji has been implicated as a visiting head of the project has been very successful.

Shinji Mikami is now under the tutelage of ZeniMax Media

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29.10.2010 | News | GameScope News
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