Sid Meier’s Civilization V

Developer: Firaxis Games
International Publisher: 2K Games
Russian Publisher: 1С-СофтКлаб
Official Website: English
Genres: Strategy, TBS
Platforms: PC
MultiPlayer: LAN (12), Internet (12)
Release Date: 21.09.2010
PEGI Rating: 16+
System Requirements: Dual Core, 2 GB RAM, 256 MB 3D Card
Our Score:

Sid Meier’s Civilization V Review

Civilization series noted in 2010, the year his 19 th birthday. On the occasion of the celebration, all the fans line got her a new episode – Civilization V. From the first minutes of acquaintance with the game become apparent major changes, though before us remains the same thrilling, exciting and able to easily absorb the real time clock turn-based strategy of building a civilization. His superpower to cherish, to bring it to world domination.

Before you start any party to choose their civilization from the 18 options. At this time, every nation has got a couple of unique units, its special structure. However, even the ability to have different leaders vary significantly, allowing you to get very interesting bonuses. Thus, Napoleon was able to accelerate the expansion of cultural influence before the invention of steam engines, while the liberator of Washington review teams will improve and save on land acquisition. Holders of the exclusive collection of digital publications also have access to the Babylonians.

Hexagonal happiness

Sea BattlesThe main changes that brought in a series of Civilization V, concerning the transition to a hexagonal map, inspired by the military strategy of 1994 – Panzer General. Now do not get grouped in the same cell ten units, because at one site can accommodate only one unit. This is certainly reflected in the tactics will be useful when such maneuvers as the environment, damage from the flanks, forced marches cavalry in the rear of the enemy’s arrows, or organization of the front line.

Moreover, units with ranged attacks were able to fire through the cell without direct contact with the enemy, but the guns have become more vulnerable to sudden raids the enemy and its mobile units, for example, the same cavalry. Completely lost the battle to lose a valuable team offensively, so the game will consider it, and keep your nerves, good, hire new recruits began to take much longer. But winners can either heal quickly, or to improve their performance.

The important role of purchasing and skillful use of terrain. Crossing the river is fraught with additional losses, whereas the experienced defenders of the mountain pass will be able to thwart all plans of an offensive campaign rival.

In the sphere of diplomacy itself immediately drew attention to a new system of joint projects. On the way to achieving an attractive technology are two nations in peacetime, can form a research alliance by investing in the general study of certain resources. However, quite often this use and computer opponents, pursuing an entirely different purpose: to extort money from your treasury, reducing the military potential of a rival civilization.

In place of the political branches of the device of Civilization IV came to the direction of social policy. Continuing development of a single line is sure to cumulative bonuses, but make it impossible to use some of the alternatives in this installment. Considering the merits of individualism and trade, no longer enough scale, because in the last game of religion, market, politics and society involves construction of a most appropriate at this time combination.

Peaceful means

Wishing cultural victory will certainly have to deal with the development of the society of their nation, though in the tradition of the series can win the scientific way through the launch of a spacecraft or through diplomacy, winning election to the UN. Conquest is also waiting a little pleasant surprise. Total annihilation of neighboring warlords is not required: you simply have to occupy all of the capital city rivals.

Finally, we can not mention the city-state emerged. They are neutral powers, ready to swear allegiance to a skilled diplomat. Of course, small-town can immediately seize the kingdom by extending their possessions, but the simple way – not always the most effective. By the way, the captive people would react negatively to the occupation, but this effect can be made less noticeable, if allowed to declare independence captured the settlement, setting out there loyal to the regime, while offline. In the extreme case, from the acquisition of settlement can be eliminated if it is problematic to defend.

Neighbors of neutral powers can bribe their attention, fulfilling their requests. Diligence will be rewarded with the resources and support units at the world elections. Nevertheless, sooner or later surely there will a special dilemma: whether to protect investment risk involved in the war with a major power who wanted to absorb your friends during the next military campaign.

Smarter and faster

AI algorithms have to work differently, though no less aggressive, which has long been a hallmark series. Now we have virtual intelligence can be any of the 25 personalities who prefer one or another strategy. In addition, the actions of each computer opponent managed much as 4 “iron” the commander. One of them manages individual units, the second is responsible for military campaigns, in care with a third – the development of the empire, and the fourth – the chief strategist, who has one sole purpose – by any means and as quickly as possible to win the match.

However, even the local AI is not without vulnerabilities caused by including new opportunities. Thus, while allowing a diplomatic victory can be much quicker to focus on bribery and the acquisition of additional votes through the neighbors than it is willing to make a computer.

The graphical part has moved to a new engine, though someone might be bored by the old or in between something in common. It is no exaggeration to say that Civilization V - the most beautiful global turn-based strategy. Very pleased with the new “chip” when the leaders of diplomacy on the screen appear on the screen at the appropriate time setting and very emotionally behave in negotiations. Usual great music, and suddenly a simplified user interface, like a front is expected the coming of another console “Civilization”, create a cozy atmosphere. In the light had already come three patch designed to fix some things and improve, for example, to make AI more willing to offer his city to achieve peace at the right time. Addictive multiplayer will certainly entertain the fans more than a year.

Civilization V – a very worthy sequel of the famous strategy series. Sid Meier’s team once again showed all the games legends can evolve and become better with each new release. Of course, someone will miss left the game options, such as typed a lot. Meanwhile, and Civilization V have many attractive bargaining chips. Only one more stroke before bedtime. And another. So came the dawn.

P.S. The English version of the game quotes related to the opening of new technologies, read the 78-year-old British actor – Morgan Sheppard, known for his episodic roles in “Star Trek” as well as to participate in articulating Quest – Escape from Monkey Island (2000).

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12.10.2010 | Reviews | Alex "Jace" Ivanchenko

Sid Meier’s Civilization V

Description from the Publisher:

Conquer the world! Spend your people through the centuries – from the time of the beginning of civilization to the era of space exploration. Wage wars, wage negotiations, perform scientific discoveries – build the greatest empire in human history.

Free admission

Comfortable, friendly, elegantly designed interface allows beginners to quickly settle into the game world. Veterans also will appreciate the depth of detail of detail and broad management capabilities that brought fame to the series.

Communication and creation

Civilization V – a game for like-minded people. Compete with players from all over the world, or compete with friends on a LAN. Make any modifications to and download other people without leaving the game.

Earthly beauty

Explore and conquer a wonderful and truly a living world, created with the graphics technology of the last generation.

What’s new?

· Improved system of diplomacy, which allows to find an approach to the most treacherous and warlike rulers.
· The playing field, broken into hexagons – hexes, which opens up new strategic possibilities for military action and for building.
· Independent city-state, or policies that you can use to their advantage when playing in the diplomatic arena.
· Superb musical accompaniment and sound effects, recorded especially for Civilization V.

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