Enchanted Realm

Developer: Game Insight
International Publisher: Cooper Media Corp.
Genres: Builder / Business / Fantasy / F2P / Management / Mobile / RTS / Strategy
Platforms: Android
Release Date: 27.12.2011
System Requirements: Android 2.1 or better
Our Score:

Enchanted Realm


In this Review we will tell you all about Enchanted Realm for Android. It is a newest release from Game Insight. In the title you can manage your own Fantasy kingdom on its way to glory and prosperity.

A King, Wanted

Enchanted RealmGame Insight company has already established its brand in the world. Gathering inside 13 development studios with 253 specialists it released 24 game titles for various platforms and social networks such as Android, iOS and Facebook. Soon we are promised to see new HTML5 projects, but now there are still more and more Mobile titles coming out, and further on we will provide you with an extensive coverage for the latest Android game from Game Insight, which offers you to become a King.

Enchanted Realm is a place, where fairy tales and magic reign. First of all, you will have to prove your right to become a King to your future loyal servants. The game features its own Storybook with many quests ready to provide you with some Goal-oriented gameplay. Though not obligatory at all, they enhance your experience allowing to unveil even more gameplay options.

These sidequests are supported with narrative and a set of tasks in all the possible fields including population and resource management, construction and gathering of certain items. There are main missions taking the leading story further through different chapters as well as smaller challenges. At any given time you will have a handful of these letting you help your citizens to prosper even more.

Some stories are based on well-known fairytales like The Valiant Little Tailor (1640) collected by the Brothers Grimm or The Snow Queen (1845) by Hans Christian Andersen. You will meet various characters along your way in Enchanted Realm. Some will threat you and others will seek help, and it is enticing to move on to see all the new events. What is more interesting, the pace doesn’t slow down in subsequent chapters, but more challenges appear, including the reconstruction of a once spectacular Mages’ tower.

Be it a powerful wizard or a simple craftsman there are needs of your populace that have to be taken into account. The economy model presents a wide array of possible choices. You will be even more familiar with it, if you already played FarmVille (2009) or FrontierVille (2010) and similar City-building Mobile games. This time you have got four resources to gather: Energy points, which are replenished automatically over time, Gold, which is used to buy buildings and upgrades, Goods needed by various industries and blue magical Crystals serving as a fast way to get mostly anything without waiting.

Gather and prosper

Enchanted RealmYou will want to start from placing some Farm fields, and then you have to plant some seeds of fruits, vegetables, grain to cultivate these. Some time has to pass, before you are able to gather your Goods crop in Enchanted Realm. Different types of them require certain growing time allowing you to pick just the right one, when you are able to launch the game once again. You decide, whether it will be a Strawberry getting ready for 3 hours and bringing you 52 points in Goods or maybe Carrots able to deliver 70 points, though in lengthy 8 hours, what is still a nice choice for those lucky ones, who manages to get just the same amount of sleep every night.

The wide variety of industries will be at your disposal. The game nearly has everything a Fantasy kingdom might need, but then goes further to bring in some novelties like the Music Instruments store alongside traditional options with Blacksmiths, Fruit Shops and Lumbermills. Again, each one of these possesses certain characteristics being able to bring income in exchange for a portion of Goods, what will take some time ranging from a couple of minutes to hours.

Not only manufacturing, but also improvement of residential areas can allow you to get more wealth. To increase the population’s limit you have to upgrade your Castle to the closest one out of 25 levels first. Then in the Enchanted Realm game you need to place houses of your choices and collect income from all your subordinates, when they are ready to give you some money. Each building here is also distiguished by a population limit, payment amount and time rate for generating the latter one. Though it is a good idea to have various house types in your kingdom, since then at any given time you will have some Gold to gather.

All your Goods have to be stored in a Warehouse. These differ by capacity, so you can upgrade your storage, when you need to. Other available objects include some scenery decorations ranging from a New Year tree to an Ice Skating zone. The story mode will surely walk you on all of these and many others, since it looks like that developers made a quest for each building to make you place at least one of it, supply it with Goods several times or improve the external appeal of the area, if we are speaking about the houses.

When you gather or collect anything, there is a chance to uncover various items, which can conclude certain collections like Carpets or Vegetables ones, for example. When you have all the ingredients in Enchanted Realm, you may charge this pack to receive an unique bonus be it a one-time surplus of Gold and Goods or cool items to help you managing the economy liky a Magical Stone, which greatly increases the Energy recharge rate for 10 minutes. Here we come to analyzing the Monetization model. Once again Game Insight made a Free-to-Play (F2P) title, which is build upon a Freemium concept.

Enchanted RealmEnchanted Realm

Enchanted Realm will reward you for each play day

Free enjoyment

It means that you can play for Free, and if you get enough time to run the game at least 2-3 times a day to plant, gather and make other actions then you will not have to spend anything at all, while keeping on the advancements. You will get some Energy from carrying out duties, while the Crystals are given to you for each new experience level, and these can even be used to skipped unwanted missions. On the other hand, if you are short on free time, but still want to see the later parts of the story, then it is possible to buy everything here for real cash be it additional Energy, Gold, Goods, artifacts and even unblocking of certain upgrades avoiding the required level’s achievement prerequisite.

A proper balance of Enchanted Realm won’t leave you without activities, even if you play for free. When you run out of Energy, you can read the available quests to consider upcoming actions, or just improve the layout of your kingdom by moving structures and stone roads between places without any expense. Your realm has limited borders at first, but you can expand them through buying more neighboring land keeping in mind that each new purchase here will cost several times more than a previous one.

The interface is very easy to use allowing you to make dozens of clicks, all while carrying out proper tasks. One slight problem here is a clicking sensitivity. For example, at times you can easily buy an expensive upgrade for your Castle, instead of collecting taxes from it, and here some confirmation messages would really come in handy, but in time you will learn all the dangerous spots or stop rushing the game with clicks. When a quest requires you to collect various items, you will find that they are delivered via basic actions like getting Taxes from residents and manufacturers. All the needed objects have proper icons resembling the goal you need to reach.

Visually, the Enchanted Realm game is beautiful with colorful style and good animation for an Android title. The streets are roamed by your loyal subjects varying from a mounted knight to an old wizard. There is even one Santa walking by! Since the game was released during the Christmas season, it got some holiday feeling right from the start. You will see snow, bright lamps flashing on houses and special winter-themed quests. Every you action is supplied by certain movements, so even when you gather a crop, you will see it growing through various stages first and then watch an unmanned sickle working in the field.

Soundtrack is rather pleasant. There are Christmas melodies as well as some Fantasy-styled tracks. Though a smoother transition between the melodies would be welcomed as well as more diversity, but here it is also important to be gentle with your Mobile device’s resources, where the game shines again. Though the original Download will have you get around 30 Mb, then you can move the application to the SD Card reducing the taken memory space significantly. You might also have to download additional 18 Mb free content pack supporting the updated story and providing you with more buildings to construct.

GameScope Verdict

Enchanted Realm is a very charming and entertaining game for Android that easily gets you involved at times becoming truly addictive. Its Free-to-Play nature alongside notable technical stability can make it appealing for everyone. Also let us not forget its clever saving mechanism. Whatever you do with your device, besides getting back to the Factory settings, no your progress will be lost, even when you Reboot. That is a very important point regarding the OS requirements, where you will need just Android 2.1 and up to run the game. It seriously expands the amount of supported sysems in comparison to the titles based on Android version 2.3, which hasn’t officially been delivered to many Android-based models released a few years ago or earlier, since their manufactures don’t feel like to. Good luck with your kingdom!

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13.01.2012 | Reviews | Alina "Sady" Selenina

Enchanted Realm


Enchanted Realm:

A Fantasy city-builder game for Android. In this Adventure you will travel to a far-away land to lead one wondrous kingdom, where magic is as common as a regular trade. Here citizens rejoice, when a new wise king inherits the throne. More over, this ruler is You! Enchanted Realm has got festive snow by the truckloads, with gifts and surprises literally dropping from the sky. There are many options available to make your land look and feel just as you want it to.

Key Game Features:

  • Spectacular soundtrack;
  • Gather resources and collect taxes;
  • Assemble unique collections of items;
  • Complex storyline with many unique characters;
  • Highly advanced graphics and brilliant animation;
  • Expand your territory and increase your population;
  • More than 50 unique residential and service buildings;
  • Thorough reconstruction of city life and its peculiarities in Enchanted Realm;
  • Develop your kingdom, which fell on very hard times because of an evil sorceress.
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