Developer: Kaos Studios
International Publisher: THQ
Official Website: English
Genres: Action, FPS
Platforms: PC, X360, PS3
MultiPlayer: Internet
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Events this shooter takes place in the U.S. in 2027, when the U.S. invaded the territory of the Korean troops. In history-based feature weakening U.S. economy and the growth of the power of the forces of North Korea. Gameplay of the American resistance is based on the principles of guerrilla tactics and was inspired to play Frontlines: Fuel of War.

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Взрывной характер войны
New plot shooter for PC and consoles will tell about the events invasion of Korean troops in the U.S. in 2027 where you can not only manage the various techniques, but use the drones for reconnaissance, as well as a futuristic arsenal. Reliase Homefront in the spring of 2011. More »
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The video clip shows gameplay footage from the game Homefront. In the video demonstrates the use of various weapons (assault and sniper rifles, machine guns, etc.), as well as military equipment. More »
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Доступны различные виды техники
Trailer for the game Homefront, explaining the plot of eyeballs game. In the clip shown increasing power of the Korean regime and the formation of the prerequisites for the weakening U.S. economy. More »
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