Developer: Kaos Studios
International Publisher: THQ
Official Website: English
Genres: Action, FPS
Platforms: PC, X360, PS3
MultiPlayer: Internet
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First impressions of the Homefront

The explosive nature of the war

American developers from Kaos Studios – are no strangers to producing video games. Creative career founding team under the former name, Trauma Studios, dates back to the mod Desert Combat (2003) for Battlefield 1942 (2002). This was followed by absorption of the studio by Digital Illusions, participated in the creation of Battlefield 2 (2005). Shortly before the last owner decided to close the Trauma Studios, although the designers have not lost their jobs. THQ publishing holding jobs for former veterans of Trauma Studios, in its domestic division, called Kaos Studios.

The first game of the newly formed Kaos Studios has appeared already in 2008. It became Frontlines: Fuel of War. The plot of this futuristic shooter for the PC and Xbox 360 contained a political subtext, though not new at the time. In the struggle for the remnants of crude oil pushed the authors’ western coalition ‘and’ Red Star Alliance. ” The second draft of Kaos Studios, overlooking the spring of 2010 Homefront, by contrast, brings the conflict to the United States.

Starting point the story becomes the 2,027 th year. Scenario game written by John Milius, who worked on the plot picture “Apocalypse Now” (1979), as well as the director of “Conan the Barbarian” (1982). Homefront universe shifts the center of power in Asia, where North Korean regime receives a dominant role in the region, and then initiates the invasion of the American continent, staying under the authority of the economic crisis.

battle against the picturesque landscape

Protagonist Homefront will join the U.S. resistance fighters, gradually learning all the new features of an established world order. While U.S. West Coast, according to the scenario Homefront, in 2027, the year the occupation of the Korean troops in the central part of the country, in Colorado, the survivors try to survive on agriculture. One of the causes of economic decline is an electromagnetic bomb dropped opponent in North America and de-energized the infrastructure on the continent.

Homefront authors call plot shooter, which is very important is the context of current events and study of individual motivations of characters. Scenes show the lives of other partisans will be an important part of the story. The fight for freedom involves a fierce battle with the invaders that can turn around anywhere, for example, in the parking lot or during the storming of the store and its roof.

The system of fighting in the Homefront will be filled with an abundance of spectacular and dynamic script scenes that is specially made to create the sensation of being in the midst of stressful events. Developers also promise to realize the convenient control and make available to the user’s arsenal of futuristic combat. Now the focus of designers debug code and improve the AI, which has already had to complain to some journalists who visited the New York presentation of the project.

available different types of technology

We would like to stay at the landmark network component, which was announced not long ago. In multiplayer will be fully master the skills of team interaction. The main game currency became Battle Points, which can make for the destruction of enemies and capture key points on the map. Resources are allowed to spend on the purchase of new weapons, equipment and drones depending on the features of the selected character.

Purchased items and features will remain with you for as long as you do not spend, and that even the death of your hero can not hurt. After the resurrection, you can return the card immediately inside the combat vehicle (armored, tank, or even a helicopter.) Your teammates will be able to take a free seat. Interesting, but less fortunate or experienced players who are killed more often would get discounts at the local range. By the way, back into battle after death will occur without any delay.

Tactics also have to vary during the matches. If at first the soldiers moved on foot, making it more attractive ambushes and sniper shots, then approaching the final, having contractions, with the participation of various types of equipment.

At later stages of the match for the exploration of the area can use different drones. Some are even able to stand up for themselves, while others cope only with the role of scouts. Scouts will certainly help you find a quiet place, where to hide your opponents.

Kaos Studios inspires Gaming Series Call of Duty, but the developers still prefer large-scale battle of the chamber fighting on computer screens and consoles. Let’s see what comes of it, in March 2011.

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07.10.2010 | Previews | Alex "Jace" Ivanchenko

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Events this shooter takes place in the U.S. in 2027, when the U.S. invaded the territory of the Korean troops. In history-based feature weakening U.S. economy and the growth of the power of the forces of North Korea. Gameplay of the American resistance is based on the principles of guerrilla tactics and was inspired to play Frontlines: Fuel of War.

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