Medal of Honor (2010)

Developer: EA Los Angeles
International Publisher: Electronic Arts
Official Website: English
Genres: Action, FPS
Platforms: PC, X360, PS3
MultiPlayer: Lan (24), Internet (24)
Release Date: 12.10.2010
PEGI Rating: 18+
System Requirements: Core 2 Duo 1.4, 1GB RAM, 128 MB 3D Card
Our Score:

Intractable war

Теперь с "Силами Оппозиции"

Electronic Arts decision to rename the faction opposing the Americans in the multiplayer mode, shooter Medal of Honor has not changed the opinions of the U.S. military. Earlier, the management of “Department stores supplies for ground troops and Air Force” has expressed its desire to exclude from the range of the impending video game. As one of the reasons is called ethics.

Producers games went against the requests of the target audience, resulting in a feud with the American side the Afghan factions, the Taliban, in a multiplayer Medal of Honor was renamed and became known as “opposition forces”. However, the real war the U.S. decided to stick with the former opinion, justifying its position as respectful to all who deal daily Afghan events.

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06.10.2010 | News | GameScope News

Medal of Honor (2010)

Medal of Honor – the continuation of the cult series shooter from Electronic Arts. At this time, developers can feel as an American commando who is in present-day Afghanistan. The game’s plot will unfold around a real-life hero – a soldier from a special unit of the U.S. Army – Tier 1 Operators. The main emphasis on the developers made the realism of fighting in what they were helped by consultants from the military structures of the United States.


· Single and multiplayer modes of play make two different studios. The single-player campaign is engaged in EA Los Angeles, and the battles online – EA DICE, best known for the series Battlefield.

· Completely redesigned Unreal Engine 3.

· Possibility control a huge amount of equipment – from helicopters to the quads.

· Varied landscape on which the battle tactics.

· Diverse missions, including – rescue hostages, attack terrorist camps, diversantskie attacks.

· Age 18 rating, allowing the developer to show the cruelty of the war in Afghanistan.

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Medal of Honor (2010) was the EA for a very successful release. In the first days of sales in all markets of the volume of sales exceeded 1.5 million copies of the product. November 2, this game will gain more and a new mode of collective game, implemented in the free add-ons - Clean Sweep. More »
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"Силы Оппозиции"
EA renamed the faction opposing the Americans in the multiplayer mode, shooter Medal of Honor (2010). However, this did not alter the views from the U.S. military about the availability of games for the employees of the U.S. Army. More »
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