Rock of Ages

Developer: ACE Team
International Publisher: Atlus
Official Website: English
Genres: Action / Arcade / Tower Defense
Platforms: PC, X360, PS3
MultiPlayer: Internet (2), Split-Screen (2)
Release Date: Q3 of 2011
Our Score:

Rock of Ages will roll in August

Rock of Ages will roll out in August 2011. Developers of the game from ACE Team confirmed the release date of their new title for PC, Xbox 360 and PS3.

Rock of Ages is an upcoming Tower Defense game, which is being developed in Chile by the creators of a notable action title – Zeno Clash (2009). The new project by ACE Team promises tons of multiplayer fun, when two competing opponents will switch sides, while using a huge rock to destroy the enemy’s castle.

The defender of the keep will get access to various sets of obstacles to be placed on the battlefield. These objects should stop the boulder from reaching its target. Earlier the game had been planned to come out in Spring of 2011, but later on the premiere of the title for PC, PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 platforms was delayed.

We contacted ACE Team to find out the reasons for changing the release date. Carlos Bordeu, who is a Partner, Game Designer and Artist at ACE Team responded telling us that Rock of Ages developers have been working really hard to get the title ready for its premiere.

The start of summer is filled with various events in the game industry like the E3 2011 (07-09.06). In June Carlos Bordeu from ACE Team will make a speech at a Game Developers Conference in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, where the problems of battling the video game piracy in Latin America are to be discussed as well.

Regarding the upcoming release of the new ACE Team title, Carlos Bordeu told our GameScope media: «We’re working on getting the final details for the different platforms. We want to make a simultaneous launch for all platforms. The Rock of Ages release date is August 31st. It’s taken longer than we expected, but this is our debut Unreal Engine game, so I’m sure things will be easier next time».

There is still some time left, till you can play, but you can already find out more about this game by visiting our Features section, where the already published Interview with Rock of Ages developers is located.

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Rock of Ages will roll out in August 2011

Rock of Ages

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10.06.2011 | News | GameScope News

Rock of Ages

Rock of Ages

A 3D-game based around Tower Defense concept. A player has to destroy an enemy castle, while rolling a big boulder. The opponent can place defensive objects and units on the landscape to protect their fortress and neutralize the rock’s threat. The match is played out in turns, and there will be a chance to try to collect some bonus coins to spend your saving later on to strengthen your positions before the next adversary’s attack. This new game for PC, Xbox 360 and PS3 has been developed by the Chilean studio – ACE Team, which brought us a remarkable Action – Zeno Clash (2009). Rock of Ages will feature a single-player story campaign mode as well as multiplayer options intented for two users interacting in various game modes.

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Rock of Ages (En)
ACE Team confirmed the release date for Rock of Ages. The game will come out right in the end of summuer on PC, Xbox 360 and PS3. One of the studio's partners, Carlos Bordeu, has explained to our media the reasons for delaying the premiere of the title. More »
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ACE Team
Rock of Ages is a very intriguing project. From one point of view, it could look as a Tower Defense game, but there is much hidden behind it. For example, a high multiplayer potential and some really inspiring art choices to name a few. Read on to our Interview with Carlos Bordeu to find out more. More »
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