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In Sweden the Paradox Interactive Convention 2012 took place in January, where the publisher showed about a dozen of its upcoming titles in different genres for the rest of the year. Certainly, the nearest releases were demonstrated too at this Game Expo.

Paradox Interactive Convention is an unique Game Event in Europe. It might seem similar to other game shows like E3, GamesCom or IgroMir in Moscow, but it features a more relaxing atmosphere letting visitors to see the newest game builds and discuss them directly with their developers. Traditionally, the shows like Paradox Interactive Convention 2012 take place in Sweden in January, and this year all the Strategy lovers could visit this third annual Expo to get a closer look on many new projects that the publisher is currently Producing.

In Stockholm some European developers gathered to present their new products to the journalists and guests and to get some useful feedback for their future work. The Press Conference was held supplied with presentations creted by Paradox Interactive key staff members. Among the most anticipated titles one fantasy Strategy was standing out. Its name is King Arthur II: The Role-playing Wargame, and you could read a lot about it in our articles, like in this one Interview with the team. It was released on January 27th of 2012.

The Paradox Interactive Convention 2012 itself was held 18 through 20 January of 2012, showing the already known projects of the company, including a Strategy titled Gettysburg: Armored Warfare. It is scheduled for the first half of 2012 and brings in some Action elements to the usual RTS features allowing to control individual soldiers on the battlefield. Another coming game is being made in Russia. That is a TBS-strategy named Warlock: Master of the Arcane. The familiar Majesty (2000-2009) series gameplay this time might get a Grand Empire flavour letting build your own Fantasy kingdom instead of just one city.

Naval combat fans also had a cheerful moment. The game Naval War: Arctic Circle shows major world countries struggling for control over the Arctic’s wealth and natural resources on the high seas. Those fond of geopolitical play might keep an eye on Magna Mundi – a new title in line with the famous Europa Universalis (2000-2008) trilogy. The newcomer shares its engine with the third episode in the line-up, while the historical background here is the great Age of Discovery (XV-XVII cc.).

Not only you can live it through leading a powerful country, but it will also be possible to experience this particular era from other sides of the world, for example, from the Middle East or playing with Asian nations. Here also don’t miss the February’s premiere of the internal Paradox studio development shown at Paradox Interactive Convention 2012, which is the sequel Crusader Kings II going Medieval again.

However, Strategic thinking isn’t the only skill required in the first half of this year, if you are experiencing Paradox Interactive new ideas. An Action game named War of the Roses will take you to the darnkess of the Medieval times, where you can live a life of a knight residing in England, while the powerful dynasties of Lancaster and York are engaged in a Civil War known as War of the Roses (1455-1485) in the real history.

The company also doesn’t stay outside the still popular MMORPG genre, what was proved during Paradox Interactive Convention 2012. The new unusual project titled Salem is a Free-to-Play adventure arriving closer to the end of 2012 with everything needed to start crafting and developing the economy of your settlement. Yes, it looks like a variation going towards The Settlers (1993-2010) franchise, but there is also some alchemy involved. The battles will be available in various forms, including the PvP combat as promised.

We have not missed the three important announcements made by the company. These were the titles revealed for the first time also being in line for coming out in 2012 or a bit later. The first one is the expansion to the popular independent developer game Magicka (2011). The Add-on is named The Other Side of the Coin letting you swap sides and align with something Evil to battle dwarves, elves, wizards and other Good guys. Before the next summer you will get a chance to switch to Vampire and Necromancer robes to do some bad things to the heroes, who are coming to eliminate your threat.

Not yet confirmed the release date for another project – A Game of Dwarves. On one hand, it seems to be a Strategy somewhat inspired by The Settlers gameplay. The creators are going to implement collectible resources, research areas and advancements, while hinting that it isn’t always a good idea to expand your territory, since new enemies can be met out there. Currently, the screenshots published after the Paradox Interactive Convention 2012 show something more of an Arcade game letting you manage individual dwarves in different rooms filled with interior objects.

Much more clarity is seen in the announcement of a new geopolitical strategy. It is a sequel again, but this time featuring another era and named Napoleon’s Campaigns II. The game might come out next fall and is being made by the Paradox France team decided in many ways to improve the original title released in 2007. Though here you still can stay playing the famous French dictator Napoleon Bonaparte supporting his plans to conquer the whole Europe in 1805-1815.

The largest and most detailed ever global map of this historical period is promised. It will feature the diversity of all the European territories and some overseas colonies offering you to lead one of 600 nations to survival, glory or worldwide domination. You will reperesent real political figures of the time to reach the desired goals. Paradox Interactive Convention 2012 itself also featured the traditional Press Conference held in the Häringe Palace, a castle in Sweden that is famous for his ghosts.

The capitalization of Paradox Interactive in 2011 rose by 75% on a year-over-year basis, so there is no reason for the Publisher to be afraid of any ghosts, really. The latest Expo was marked with a clear management desire to venture into some new game areas, besides the usual Strategy titles stronghold. Gradually, it might reduce the share of strategies in the portfolio, at the same time increasing the number of the titles released in many other genres like Aracde, Action and Simulation.

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Paradox Interactive Convention 2012

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Paradox Interactive Convention »1

Paradox Interactive Convention 2012
The latest expo known as Paradox Interactive Convention took place in Sweden revealing the upcoming releases of the publisher scheduled for the year 2012. Action and Strategy games, Politics and Warfare, Fantasy, MMORPG and Arcade elements are all included into this vast portfolio. More »
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Paradox Interactive Convention 2012
The latest expo known as Paradox Interactive Convention took place in Sweden revealing the upcoming releases of the publisher scheduled for the year 2012. Action and Strategy games, Politics and Warfare, Fantasy, MMORPG and Arcade elements are all included into this vast portfolio. More »
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